Engrave a Name or Logo on a Yeti Rambler With Laser Etching at Wind Rose North Ltd. Outfitters

Engraving a favorite saying or graphic on a Yeti Rambler is the ultimate in gift-giving.

Wind Rose North Outfitters is partnering with Mikutowski Woodworking to provide high-quality personalized drinkware with custom laser etching. Customers can pick their favorite color of Yeti Duracoat finish and have their tumbler, wine glass, or mug permanently engraved in a matter of days, all in Menominee, Michigan. 

Our most popular engraved items are the Yeti Rambler 20 oz., 30 oz., and Colsters, but we can etch on any of the Duracoat drinkware. We offer a flat rate etching service of $5 for text and  $10 for graphics to keep the math simple. Please purchase a Yeti in-store to take advantage of our personalization services.

The Yeti product is hands down No. 1 in stainless drinkware options for its durability. The thicker stainless steel wall accepts more wear and tear, whether from the laser etching into the surface or from daily use by dropping it, carrying it in demanding environments, or simply forgetting it on top of a car hood. A Yeti will not lose its ability to keep your liquids hot or cold—unless you lose it! Because the quality is the best among its competition, it’s an obvious choice for:

  • Corporate Gifts—we offer logo options.
  • Weddings—white for the bride, black for the groom, and maybe even some wedding colors for the bridesmaids and groomsmen (subject to availability). 
  • Anniversaries.
  • Car Club Giveaways.
  • Golf Course Tournaments.
  • Awards Ceremonies.
  • Employee Safety Awards.

The laser etching process is challenging on a Yeti because it’s not a flat surface. The laser etching equipment has a particular fixture that holds the cup in place and can rotate the surface to get a direct 90-degree angle from the laser point to the tumbler to engrave the design or text that the customer chooses. 

In the case of logos or graphics, the better the “input” is, the better the “output” or result will look. We work with each customer to ensure we are capturing the highest resolution graphic as possible. We will ask for a vectored image with our graphic requests—convert images to vectors using this website

The etching process itself depends on the intricacy of the graphic. If you require someone to help design an image, we recommend a professional graphic artist (design fees will vary, and they typically charge by the hour). 

For more information on personalization and custom-etched Yeti products, stop into our store (etching is available on in-store Yeti purchases only), contact our shop at (906) 424-0206 or email Zak at zakaubert@gmail.com

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