Kayaking is a great silent, but potentially deadly sport

Kayaking is an amazingly enjoyable sport because it can be enjoyed by so many types of people in so many different places (as long as there is water).  The sport caters to introverts who like the solitude of the outdoors, as well as extroverts who lean towards group paddles, like glow paddle events with music and fun.  That said, know before you go!

Kayaks are unrivaled in their ability to improve your mental and physical health.  Decide before you buy!  Kayaks range from sea kayaks typically 14 feet or greater in length and relatively narrow at 24 inches and under at the widest point (referred to as the beam), Whitewater kayaks that are short with blunt noses and large amounts or curvature between the front (bow), and rear (stern) to handle rapids.  Somewhere in the middle is where you will find the largest population of kayakers who enjoy what we call, recreational kayaking.  Two main areas of recreation kayaks include shorter 9’ to 12’ sit-in kayaks with wide beams typically greater than 27” for maximum stability.  They have large cockpits to allow for ease of entry.  The 2nd form of recreational kayaks are fishing kayaks.  These are almost exclusively sit-on top kayaks 13’ and under with ultrawide beams often at 36” wide! These kayaks can be equipped with rod holders, pedal drives and even trolling motors.  Wind Rose North sells Liquid Logic, Hurricane, and Old Town Kayaks which all have unique design features that are specific to customers' wants and skill sets. 

One thing is for certain, no matter which vessel you choose, know how to get-in and-out of it in the event you get into trouble that would include capsizing or rolling the kayak.  Even though recreational kayaks are designed to stay upright, it is possible to turn them over when you least expect it.  Paddle, height, weight, and ability all affect performance.  Environmental factors include weather and nearby boaters, all of which can cause predictable and unpredictable waves. 

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