Constructed using a tungsten head, rather than the traditional lead, the Eco Pro War Cry Buzzbait possesses a smaller profile that benefits anglers in a number of ways. Designed by Elite Series professional, Jared Lintner, the War Cry was engineered to meet the demands of tournament bass anglers seeking the thrill of a vicious topwater strike. Upon the first cast, anglers will notice the buzzbait runs completely straight without any sort of tuning. Any angler who has experience fishing buzzbaits knows this is a deviation from the norm - quite a few brands of buzzbaits require testing and tuning to get the wired bait running straight - not the War Cry; straight as an arrow every time. The second aspect worth noting is the unique sound the Eco Pro War Cry produces. The blade is designed to offer anglers a range of pitches that correspond the retrieval speed utilized. When retrieving the War Cry quickly, the buzzbait renders a rapid clicking sound produced by the constant contact between the blade and the tungsten head. This dense metal and blade combination create a sound that's very distinguishable from others on the market today.

EcoPro War Cry Buzz Bait


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