Handmade and hand tied, the Lethal Weapon II Swim Jig is built for the discerning jig fanatic. Even the super sharp Owner Light Wire hook is hand-bent, since you can’t buy the ideal hook pre-bent with the correct angle.  They don’t use rubber collars either like most jigs on the market, each skirt is carefully hand tied so tight that when given the opportunity to open up, it fans out and pulses with the slightest movement.  Proven to catch even the wariest of fish, a molded-in, wire grub keeper makes sure your favorite trailer stays secure.  Also featuring an optimal weedguard that will actually protect against snags and not bites, the Lethal Weapon II Swim Jig is painstakingly built and refined to capture the most realistic appearance possible.


Not all colors pictured

Lethal Weapon II Jig


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