Kuhl Men's Kontra Air Pants

Kuhl Men's Kontra Air Pants

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The KUHL Kontra Air is specifically designed to keep you cool in hot and humid climates, and we think it accomplishes this task admirably. Compared to the vast range of predominantly synthetic hiking pants we tested for this review, the finely woven Kontra Stretch fabric feels silky smooth and soft against the skin, altogether eliminating the rough or itchy feel typical to nylon pants. The high proportion of cotton is not without issue though; these pants absorb a lot of water in a rainstorm and are slow to dry afterward. It is worth noting that this pair is a variation of the KUHL Kontra pant, with a slimmer shape and added ventilation in the crotch and knees. For those who don't feel they need the extra vents, or who have thicker legs and want a looser fitting pant, we recommend trying out the original Kontra.

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