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Live Target Yellow Perch Swimbait

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One of the most common forages in Northern and Canadian waters, the LIVETARGET Yellow Perch Swimbait is sure to be a hit with bass and walleye anglers alike. With a tight wiggle and a medium-slow sink speed, it is ideally fished over weed tops and around structure.

Combining anatomically accurate design with function-driven features, the LIVETARGET Yellow Perch Swimbait is molded with a lifelike dorsal fin that acts as weedguard, keeping the hook point clear of debris and preventing hang-ups. Along the belly, the LIVETARGET Yellow Perch Swimbait is fitted with an accessory pin that allows for easy attachment of a hook or blade. Internally weighted for a balanced presentation, the LIVETARGET Yellow Perch Swimbait is a necessity for any body of water that contains Yellow Perch and hungry predators.

LIVETARGET has combined nature’s best with modern technology to create an exciting new collection of swimbaits. Available in common forages, the new LIVETARGET Swimbait Series is designed to look and swim just like live bait. The profile of the body and tail is so accurately matched and anatomically scaled, it sets a new industry standard to match-the-hatch. The tail is precisely fitted with a strategically engineered oscillator that generates a side-to-side tail swing action. Every swimbait has its own signature action, making it come alive and swim just like its natural counterpart.
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