YUM Pulse YPL3
YUM Pulse YPL3
YUM Pulse YPL3
YUM Pulse YPL3
YUM Pulse YPL3
YUM Pulse YPL3
YUM Pulse YPL3
YUM Pulse YPL3
Product image 1YUM Pulse YPL3
Product image 2YUM Pulse YPL3
Product image 3YUM Pulse YPL3
Product image 4YUM Pulse YPL3
Product image 5YUM Pulse YPL3
Product image 6YUM Pulse YPL3
Product image 7YUM Pulse YPL3
Product image 8YUM Pulse YPL3

YUM Pulse YPL3

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The YUM Pulse’s angled ribs are over-exaggerated at a downward angle to provide a bulkier appearance with less plastic and help push the bait down the water column and remain in the strike zone. The YUM Pulse is available in 13 colors, including several laminates that provide extra flash due to its extreme rolling action.

The YUM Pulse is a solid body swimbait that features a hard thumping tail and ribbed body that provides a dynamic swimming action which triggers a significant rolling action whether retrieved at high or low speeds. This unique ability to be fished with any speed provides extreme versatility in rigging and retrieval applications. It can be used on swimbait hooks, YUMbrella rigs, jigheads, belly weight hooks, Texas Rigs or as a trailer for swimming jigs, bladed jigs or on a spinnerbait.

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YPL4 4.5" 8
YPL3 3.5" 8
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